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"Japan Chemical Industry News" for our interview

 Japanese customers ( Tokyo , Minato-ku , Fukatsu Eiichi president ) to strengthen the nearly 10-year partnership with the production of imidazole products in Jiangsu Recreation New Material Technology Co., Ltd. ( Shen Jian , general manager , Binhai Chemical Industrial Park ) . Recreation and new materials to build the plant last year to re- move , under the imidazole and imidazole derivatives to expand the production capacity of the situation, in order to develop the Japanese market for the new target . Japanese customers operating imidazole series was about a hundred tons , the development direction for the development of epoxy curing agents and related electronic materials market as the focus .


Recreation imidazole production of new materials have a long history of 27 years , is China 's largest production of imidazole derivatives business . The company actively promote the jointly developed with the University , the new product has been developed by the results , and now , being Chinese domestic applications imidazole 4 level franchise . In 2008 the Japanese / U.S. / EU exports before the subprime crisis is larger, after China and India grow up. Medical / pesticide industry needs stability , while the electronics industry association for new trends. Shen , general manager , said: "The Japanese occupied the first position in this regard ." Electronics-related materials, cleaning agents and battery-related materials larger negative market expectations .
Recreation is now the new material in Binhai Chemical Industrial Park in Jiangsu Province is building a new plant , annual production of about 5,000 tons of imidazole and imidazole derivatives production line has been completed, the analysis room , warehouses and other facilities scheduled to be completed in December this year . This year's production plan imidazole is 2500 tons , 2000 tons derivative products .
On the one hand , the demand for derivative products increased in Japan , Japanese customers ( Fukatsu president ) policy is to expand the current growth rate of 50% . Planned annual sales of 200 tons . Imidazole derivative product diversity , functional development is also involved in a variety of fields. In the Japanese market is not only a pure price competition , but also to seek the difference in quality, technology force area. Simultaneously. According to the Japanese domestic manufacturer of the product types change , so that increased imports of raw materials imidazole and its induction products. Zhong Rong Shoji flexibly change for the market.