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The use of imidazole and related quality indicators?

 Yancheng Chemicals Co., Ltd. is a recreational imidazole series of professional manufacturers, whose products are more than 20 kinds of imidazole series, and a dozen crosslinkers product ( aziridines , isocyanates ) .

Planar five -membered cyclic imidazole compounds , soluble in water ( infinite proportions ) and other polar solvents. Exists between the two nitrogen atoms of the imidazole permanent dipole , strong polarity , dipole moment is 3.61D, and the presence of intermolecular hydrogen bond , resulting in abnormally high boiling point with imidazole (256 ℃). 6 there is a large electron conjugated molecule π bond, it has the typical aromatic .
An imidazole curing agent for epoxy resin is mainly used in Japan, accounting for less than half the consumption of imidazole , in an amount of 0.5% to 10 % of the imidazole compounds useful as epoxy antifungal , anti- mildew agent, low glycemic agents, artificial plasma , etc., also can be used as treatment , artificial plasma, etc. , and also used for treatment of trichomoniasis turkey blackhead drugs.
Imidazole antifungal miconazole , econazole , ketoconazole, clotrimazole production, imidazole is one of the main raw materials.
Are widely used in industry imidazole certain transition metals ( such as copper) inhibitor.
Many industrially important compounds containing an imidazole derivative. Material temperature polybenzimidazole (PBI) benzimidazole structure (imidazo fused with a benzene ring ) and the other containing a benzene ring , PBI can be used as a flame retardant. Various imidazole compounds are also common in the photographic and electronics .