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How to choose a crosslinking agent?

 Crosslinker selected based on their chemical reactivity (e.g., for a specific functional group-specific) and the intended use and other relevant factors, including:

• Chemical-specific
• spacer arm length
• Water-soluble and membrane permeability
• identical or different reactive groups (compared with bifunctional hetero-bifunctional)
• spontaneous reaction of the photoreactive group or
• Are the spacer arm may be cut
• contains a radioactive label may be labeled or otherwise part
A crosslinking agent containing at least two reactive groups. Crosslinkable functional groups include primary amines of the target, a mercapto group, a carbonyl group, carbohydrates and carboxylic acids (see table). Can also use a photoreactive crosslinker phenyl azide non-selective coupling. Please refer to the following page crosslinkers selection guide to select the desired match reagents, or visit our website, crosslinking agents using interactive selection guide.